Our philosophy is to bring back to our customers our territory and traditional products, and this involves a continuous search for historical dishes and raw materials of excellent quality using mainly the products that the seasons offer us.

The love for tradition also leads us to try to keep it alive by making it, with a bit of creativity, current, so that it never dies; and hence the revisiting of some dishes that are waiting for nothing but your judgment.

Even the cooking process draws from the tradition so much that the meat is cooked mainly on the grill or in our old wood-fired oven from which we bake bread, focaccia, shanks of veal and pigs.

Our attention also goes to vegetarian and gluten-free dishes with menus always available to meet any need.

The winery, personally supervised by the owner, is mainly focused on local wine labels, but there are also important Tuscan and Umbrian wines, particularly suitable for pairing with meat.